Monday, February 14, 2011

Writing Games

Go to the library and check out five cd's.  Make sure it's music or sound or something you would not usually listen to.  For me it might be: opera, classical music, heavy metal, religious music and a comedy cd (this is weird cause I love to laugh).

Okay now here's the hardest part - take a half hour out of your schedule and listen to one cut from each cd.  Listen like you are from another planet and you've never heard this before.  Note how fidgety you might feel.  Let your mind wander.  It's okay.  Sometimes, it's really hard to just sit and listen. 

So, how did that feel?  Did you like some but not all?  Were you surprised at what moved you or annoyed you?  Do you think you might like to listen to more? 

Last - set a timer for five minutes - no more - and write about it. 

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