Sunday, February 13, 2011

How do I make my hero rootable?

Aaach!  I have a great setting. And a wonderful situation, but I can't seem to make my heroine pop.  I'm so frustrated.  I think the reason that YA has so few adult characters is because it then forces our young heroes to be active.  Pull the adults from the situation and POW! you got something.  Look at DEATHLY HALLOWS or any of JK's books. 

My problem is my heroine's dad is very much alive.  In fact, her whole inner purpose is to come to terms with dad.  I can't get rid of him. And I don't want to.  It's the reason I'm writing this book in the first place...can you spell cathartic?  (Maybe if my heroine can come to terms with her clay feeted dad, I can too?)  Cause really, isn't that reason we create art?  It's like creative therapy.  We get a chance to exercise our own inner crap and make it come out okay.

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