Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stage Mom No No Number 5673

We are not our children.

Finn booked his first professional gig.  Yippee!  Yahoo!  But what we momma's must remember - over and over again - is that this is our child's journey.  Not ours'.  So though we beam with pride at every step our little one takes, it is not our step.  It is their step.

And so remember that the production company is not hiring us.  They are hiring our young charge.  And that means we must let go and let them shine.  No pitching to the producers our next screenplay.  No following young Thomas around hanging onto his shirttails.  No...anything.

This is his time to shine...and our time to sit...wait for it...and ponder (yes, do bring your own chair and umbrella you will need it) what we want to do with our lives.  Who do we want to be?  As you watch your child go from your little one who clung to your hem to this amazing beacon of light, joy and independence - that you wanted him to be - you too must have a path.  A light to follow.

And isn't that a grand thought?  Raise your child and yourself at the same time.  Cause each of us has a place on this planet.  Don't we?

What's yours?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Epic Battles of Showdown

We are less than two weeks from opening and I've never had the challenges this show has presented.  Not EVER!  We have fifteen people say yes and drop out in a cast of 22.  That means that almost every role has had to be reconceived at least once.  We've gone from a company of 26 when we started to a company of 19.  I have not had one rehearsal where all the cast members are there.  NOT ONE!  And I honestly don't know if I will before opening.  I keep wondering - why this show?  Why is it so hard?  Ah, lesson number 992 my dear friends, sometimes the fates align and sometimes they don't.  I hate that lesson, never mind.  If I believe it is a benevolent Universe - and I do - then all of this is happening for a divine reason.  Guidance of some kind - I just wish whatever that is would make itself really clear.  Like do you think it could shout it at me?

Anyway, check out the video our choreographer did.  He's chronicaling this.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book Review!

I got my first book review.  Wow.  Awesome, huh?  But as in everything that happens in my life, I relate it back to my art.  Let me start with the review was wonderful.  Well, really nice.  And I wanted more.  I wanted fame and fortune from my little review.  Darn.  There's that voice saying, "YOU MUST BE POPULAR CINDY IF YOU ARE TO BE VALUABLE!"

Popularity.  Like in the musical WICKED - I too must be popular.   This issue has haunted me since I was a fat eighth grader - alone - and lost.  Here I am years later with a happy marriage, success of some kind under my belt and still that 13 year old girl runs my life.  Her unfulfilled needs determine my happiness.  What is that?  When do I move into today and live in this moment and this time?  How many joys have I trounced over cause I didn't live now?  Cause she screamed - YOU'RE NOT ENOUGH!

Acting is so much about living in the now.  Being completely present.  Reacting as if all of this has never happened before.  It's a life lesson isn't it?

So.  Let me begin again.  My book got reviewed.  Te he.  And this person liked it.  And wow.  My book got reviewed.  Whoa dude. I wrote a book and it got published and now people are reading it and recommending it.  Neat.  It feels good.

And to my fat eighth grader I say, "thank you" for surviving those really rough years.  And I love you.  But you can let go now.

Oh and here's the review

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day

17th Century France

The three of us are in CYRANO.  The classic story written by Edmond Rostand about the man with the large nose who falls for the beautiful Roxane, yet can't tell her of his love.

This is the first time that all three Koblers will on stage together.  It's a dream come true. But it's been an arduous journey and I think it's taught me that the reason for what you do is more important than the doing. Cause if the reason isn't strong enough,  you won't stay with it.  Ah, love can rein supreme!


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For Awhile

I'm walkin'. Yes indeed I'm listen' to my mp.  And Trisha Yearwood comes on.  She sings For Awhile which is about heart break and moving on. And I realize that heartbreak happens to all of us.  So why do I think that at one point or another I won't ever be disappointed or hurt by something somebody does or says?  Heartbreak is part of the human condition.

Then the proverbial light bulp pops up over my head igniting my brain in momentary wisdom.  Heartbreak isn't the human condish, it's healing.  And the only way to heal our fuzzy beating hearts is to go through hurt.  That's how we get stronger.

So don't run from the pain Cindy, walk through it.  Everybody does. Even Trisha Yearwood.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


What is a trigger?  Good question.  Glad you asked.  A trigger is a inciting moment.  An intense beat in a character's life that forces them to begin a journey.  It's a catalyst.  Often times, it's a seriously icky moment cause it breaks an old wounds and makes you have to reset it so it can heal properly.

I am not a fan of triggers.  They seem to come at the most inopertune moments.  And they hurt like hell.  But they are necessary.  Like Epicac for the soul.

Every character has a trigger.  My challenge to you is to uncover what yours' is.  When in the story did your character decide they had to take action.  Pushed against the wall, they had to do something or die.  Life or death stakes - literally or figuratively.  And is he going quietly into that good night or is he fighting it all the way?

Me?  I fight those damn triggers.  I bury my head; I shake my fist at the unfairness of it all; I run away.  Eventually, though I accept.  If only I could receive the trigger as a gift sooner, wouldn't my life be so much less painful?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Does Dialogue Matter

Aside from how wonderful this video is, it's also a great lesson in the often overuse of dialogue.  Not a word is spoken between these two and yet we get everything that's being said.

What would happen if you took all that dialogue in your book or scene or script and replaced it with gibberish, would you need so much character chatter?  Step back - reread.  Can you show what your character's going through by their reaction or their body language?

And once again all this makes me aware of how often I speak when I should have listened - when silence would have said so much more than words - when action was what was needed.