Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For Awhile

I'm walkin'. Yes indeed I'm listen' to my mp.  And Trisha Yearwood comes on.  She sings For Awhile which is about heart break and moving on. And I realize that heartbreak happens to all of us.  So why do I think that at one point or another I won't ever be disappointed or hurt by something somebody does or says?  Heartbreak is part of the human condition.

Then the proverbial light bulp pops up over my head igniting my brain in momentary wisdom.  Heartbreak isn't the human condish, it's healing.  And the only way to heal our fuzzy beating hearts is to go through hurt.  That's how we get stronger.

So don't run from the pain Cindy, walk through it.  Everybody does. Even Trisha Yearwood.

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