Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Epic Battles of Showdown

We are less than two weeks from opening and I've never had the challenges this show has presented.  Not EVER!  We have fifteen people say yes and drop out in a cast of 22.  That means that almost every role has had to be reconceived at least once.  We've gone from a company of 26 when we started to a company of 19.  I have not had one rehearsal where all the cast members are there.  NOT ONE!  And I honestly don't know if I will before opening.  I keep wondering - why this show?  Why is it so hard?  Ah, lesson number 992 my dear friends, sometimes the fates align and sometimes they don't.  I hate that lesson, never mind.  If I believe it is a benevolent Universe - and I do - then all of this is happening for a divine reason.  Guidance of some kind - I just wish whatever that is would make itself really clear.  Like do you think it could shout it at me?

Anyway, check out the video our choreographer did.  He's chronicaling this.

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